Cabinet and Power Supply

The cabinet

The cabinet is a BitFenix Phenom Small Form Factor. A relatively small chassis or cabinet with a modern outlook.  Designed for mini-ITX motherboards, Phenom Mini-ITX is a very flexible housing that can mount up to six 3.5″ harddisks plus up to 4 2,5″ drives. A tall fan (23cm) at the front and a large (14cm) Fan at the back. On the top of the cabinet two (12cm) fans can be added. Large coolers for CPU can be mounted. All ait intake is filtered. Two high speed USB ports are available on the side. The Phenom Mini-ITX is a ideal housing for larger NAS systems.



Power Supply

The power is provided by a BeQuit System Power B9 300W. The efficiency of this power supply is 80PLUS® Bronze efficiency (up to 89%) . There is also a temperature-controlled fan in the cabinet. This fan produces very little noise. The power supply is mounted below the motherboard and its air intake is from the bottom of the cabinet. The fan of the power supply is therefore directed downwards.


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