Motherbord and Memory


Over the year’s nice μATX motherboards have developed where the processor is already mounted. These motherboards have improved  specifications and connections. The graphics chip is already present on the motherboard so that, apart from the memory, no further components are required. The chosen motherboard is a  ASRock J5005-ITX Gemini Lake. This board has a Gigabit Ethernet connection, four SATA ports, enough USB ports and therefore normally suitable for a NAS or server. The processor is heat sink cooled and therefore the board is completely quit. Power consumption of the board is quit low, somewhere between eleven and fifteen Watt.

System Memory

The memory in Hover is 8Gbyte, supplied by G.Skill It fits exactly the maximum speed (2400MHz) of the motherboard. Up to 2Gb is required for the Ubuntu installation. The other memory is used partly by NextCloud.

Extension Board for two SATA ports

As Hover is equipped with four harddisk and a SSD more ports are required to connect all the harddisks. With the Conceptronics CSATA600EXI PCI Express Card you can upgrade your desktop computer with two SATA ports. The CSATA600EXI has a maximumBest pris på Conceptronic CSATA600EXI Kontroller ... data speed of 6Gb/s, which makes it very fast to copy large files to and from your desktop computer. The boards fits on the single expansion slot on the motherboard.

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