Nowadays there is less to choose for as Windows Home Server is cancelled by Microsoft. Windows 10 professional also seems to be a possible choice. Information about these options from Microsoft is available on the internet. This has the advantage that it is partly known, easier to install and looks beautiful. The disadvantage is that the system requirements are higher. It is paid software.

For Hover is chosen for Ubuntu 18.4, the latest long supported server version. A Linux based system has proven to be free, extremely reliable, needs a less powerful system and probably uses less energy. Ubuntu is easy to download and fully configurable.

The possibilities that a server has to offer at home are network storage, accessibility of files from outside via the internet and the provision of audiovisual files via DLNA.

OpenSSH and apache are installed with Ubuntu 18.4. In order to store files, we install SAMBA for Windows support. After that installation takes place of WebMin, an administration tool.

Last Updated september 30, 2018

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