Why a New Home Server?

Home Server, the previous version,  has run for a couple of years now without reboot. It’s very stable, very reliable and I use it every day. There was no power failure from the mains supply which is one of the reliable things in life here in the Netherlands. As automated updates were disabled there are no program updates to the system after it was booted long ago. There is nothing to wish for at this time, or?

After a while I started to think about Hover, could it be easier? What do I use most? Is there improvement possible? What should be added? Is it useful to have a separate (virtual) media server and a separate (virtual) web server?

The site is visited well from the Netherlands, of course it’s in Dutch, There would be more discussion if this was an English site. It would be possible for more people to understand the content of the site and therefore more talk about improvements.

What is a Home Server used for:

Data Backup is the main reason to have a home server. With Ubuntu it is perfect using Samba. No need to change.

Downloading is quit often used. Deluge does a good job. Does it need to be on a virtual machine? All data is local, the program has proven to be very reliable. Torrent downloading can be installed on the main server.

Data Sharing through DLNA. It works fine with MiniDLNA on my (smart) Samsung Television. All shared Data is local to the server, what is the need to have it on a separate (virtual) machine? DLNA can be on the main server.

Maintenance of the server through Webmin has been quit ok. The file manager is less useful with the increased security of JAVA. We can give Ajenti a new try.

Virtualisation is nice because you can remove a machine while the basic setup stay’s the same. Stability for the main machine is great as a Home Server also backs up the valuable data. VirtualBox however is not reliable with updates. With an update to the main machine it can happen that the virtual machines will not boot due t a required update of the virtual machine.

Personal Cloud is getting mandatory.

The new Hover

The new hover will run Ubuntu 16.4 LTS. There will be no virtualization. The installation will be on Ubuntu with Webmin for maintenance, Samba for File Server, Deluge for torrents and miniDLNA for sharing Media through the house. On top we will install NextCloud to gain full cloud services at Home!

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is getting more important. We will install a APC Back-UPS CS – 350 VA the smallest UPS that communicates with the server about power availability. When it is installed a page will be setup on this site.

Currently under construction!

Last Updated on 5 november 2016

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