Installation of Ubuntu Server 18.04

Start with downloading Ubuntu 18.04 from Transfer the file to a modern USB stick. Watch out with older sticks, for some reason they do not always seem to work. Transfer the downloaded file to the stick with the help of UnetBootin. UnetBootin will make the USB stick bootable. View the site for correct instructions if you require help. Make sure you write the file to the correct location because you may wipe your system disk with this process…….

Ubuntu should be installed on the SSD disk off the system. My disk is 128Gb where after total installation the system requires only 15Gb. Space enough! Some people use a USB stick to run the system from, I myself find this less reliable…

The system is equipped with 8Gb memory. Ubuntu requires about 1,5Gb memory. Installing NextCloud later may require quit some more memory. The conclusion is that a swap file is not required during installation.

Start the installation. Think about the name for the server. Any name will do. Think about the name you will use to work on the system, something small is nice. The password required for your user must be typed quit frequently, consider something short and easy to remember.

When the installation process installs the bootloader make sure it gets installed on the SSD the system is installed on. On the internet you find plenty information on how to install Ubuntu. If there are more questions please refer to that information.

Do not install extra components at this time.

After installation, it take less then 20 minutes, the system will reboot. You can log in through the screen or on any other computer in the network through SSH. Use the name and password created during the installation process.

Update Ubuntu after install:
sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade


Last Updated on 27 september 2018