Manage Your “Cloud” at Home!

Storage of our digital files becomes increasingly important. We’ve got pictures that we do not print anymore. We’ve got bills, contracts, bank account information and so on, but not on paper anymore. We store it somewhere, maybe on a USB stick, maybe just on our computer or tablet at home and what happens if it gets broken? Other solutions may be found at private cloud with a provider which guarantees your safety and privacy hopefully.

Digital privacy also gets increasingly important in society. We get spied over our behavior on the web. We use location services, handy, but our behavior gets recorded and researched on.  Very handy these cloud based attractive programs that lets you store your contacts. From person to person the relations can be monitored for advertising purposes or worse.

If you worry about these developments you it is time to make sure you have your data save and private at home. You manage it yourself, nobody interfering with it. ┬áThis site is exactly about this: “Managing your own data at Home”.

This site is about building your own Network Attached Storage, based on Ubuntu Server, with additional features that are of interest to home. An attempt is made to discuss all aspects in detail. What about energy usage, how can it be constructed, that the questions that are discussed on this site.

The general menu provides information on important aspects of a home server. explains which components have been applied, the software used and provides tips if problems arise during the building and configuring the server.

This is the second version of Home Server. One of the menus describing the legacy home server is still available.

Last Updated on 31 oktober 2016